Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daily #1

Note to self; Do not give your son the container of blackberries while you're driving home from the gym.

How was today's trading? ehhh can't complain. These hours are getting to me, a little. I read financial statements from 9pm until after midnight last night and then forced myself to sleep for the 5 am wake-up. My internal clock woke me up at 4, but at least I didn't have to hear those cluckin' roosters(alarm). The 1 o'clock closing bell is a plus, not that the work ever really stops. I put a trade in for some shares of GPL Great Panther Silver Ltd. It opened the day with a small gap up. I could have waited a couple minutes longer for a few pennies. The company growth over the past 5 years was impressive and productive as they mined 1.22M Ounces of silver in 2011. They are not the only mineral exploration company in Guanajuato, Mexico a remarkably legendary area. The Rayas and Mellado mines date back to 1558. The history of the location is interesting, to me. *add to list of places to go.